Getting in Gear with Snook

  • Getting in Gear with Snook

    Getting in Gear with Snook

    If your looking to get the perfect fix for your road runner we have just the man for the job. Meet our trusted engineer, Dwight Daley who goes by the name Snook.

    Why did you become a mechanic?
    I have always liked being around motor vehicles. It was a passion I shared with one of my brothers. I decided to pursue it as a career after I left high school.

    How did you learn your trade?
    I learnt the trade in little under a year from a man called Rodway.

    What do you love the most about being a mechanic?
    Working on heavy duty vehicles. It is fun to know that you were the one who worked on a vehicle that you see on the road. To be able to say, yea! A me do that.

    What are the challenges that come with being a mechanic?
    Sometimes you get problem trucks. Trucks can puzzle you when you can’t find the source of their problem. You have to buss yuh brain to find a fix and that can take several days.

    What was the most memorable experience you have ever had on the job?
    My most memorable experience was working on my first truck engine in 1996. I pulled it down to scraps and set it back up myself. It was a Cummins engine.

    Why should people trust you to fix their vehicle?
    Because my jobs are always well done.

    What is your work load like?
    My job is a 24/7 job and at the same time it is unpredictable. I can be very busy today and have a lot less to do tomorrow.
    What do you do when you’re not running your business?
    Well… everyday I am a mechanic. There is not much free time.

    Who are your customers?
    I am the main mechanic at Spanish Grain. I do most of their work. Apart from that, I do a whole lot of work for different truck drivers.

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a mechanic?
    You just have to take the thing serious and don’t watch the money when you’re starting out. Think about the trade.

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